Holding MAY as our philosophy of the spring season where all the flowers are blossoming, we create aspiring and inspiring experiences.

We bring over a decade of experience in hospitality and hotel management, we aim to take things to the next level. Our dream is to create unique experiences for our guests at the most beautiful locations in South-East Asia whilst driving top results for our property’s owners and investors.


Our mission is to create unique upscale hotel experiences for the next generation travelers. We want to bring together people from all over the world that just like us love to go on a journey and grow along the way. We want to make MAY a way of travelling and our properties a preferred destination in South East Asia.


Our goal is to create triple bottom line results for our own company and for our property owners and investors. As a brand we aim to operate people, planet, and profit positive from day one. We want to grow our business substantially over the next decade whilst taking into account the boundaries of our society and environment. We have the objective to have 25+ MAY properties by 2030.



We are a peoples business. Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our community our most important connection and our guest our top priority. We value honesty, respect and open mindedness.


We are operating in a system with finite resources. We aim to run our business in such a way that MAY will be there for future generations to come . We value account ability, sustainability and innovation.


We design hospitality experience that welcome people from all over the world. We value diversity, connection and kindness.


We are running the Hotels with the aim to always make profit for owners investors and our partners . We value Entrepreneurship, integrity and partnership.

Join our journey by becoming one of our leading destinations.


Jan Seelen


A young yet matured international hotel professional with lots of experience in luxury lifestyle and hospitality management across the world leads him to build MAY Hotels that focusing in an aspiring and inspiring experience for the passionate travelers. Traveling and working in a multinational and multicultural environment has become his passion in life. As kick-start MAY Hotels signed first 2 properties in Bali in 2021.

Stijn van Leeuwen


His passion for the hospitality industry has brought him to several countries to build his career and held several management position for reputable brands, A Dutch national, calling Bali his home now, decided to use his knowledge in Leadership, Human Capital Development, Creative Solutions Solving, Hospitality Openings, Hygiene and Financial Management to establish his dream bringing the art of culinary to everyone’s table.


Our team of talented people represent our mission and values. They will be your first and last encounter in our MAY journey. Our team will be the gateway to the local culture and community. The will help to make great moments, and lasting memories that last for a lifetime .


  • Hospitality Operator
  • Pre-Opening & Opening Services
  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Development & Design
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Property development
  • Design and construction guidance

  • Recruitment & Training

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue management
  • Monthly reporting
  • Market research