We have lost ourselves. On a deserted black lava sand beach, in high, foaming waves, in a deep jungle of palm trees and sweet melancholic thoughts. LOST LINDENBERG is the fifth LINDENBERG project and the first one in Indonesia. A new approach to hospitality, in the middle of the undiscovered west coast of Bali.


Nowadays, too many people see their homes only in a functional sense, as 4 walls and a bed. A place to pass the time and sleep until the tasks of the next day. THETAMORA apartments are beyond functional, they are enriching, with features not usually seen in typical apartments that provide higher quality dwelling that is also environmentally conscious.


At Sanctoo you can balance your inner self, while enjoying personalized treatments and service at high-end level. Our luxury villa is designed by using structure and combination of andesite and high paras-stone walls, nestled in three-tier zone that is typical of Bali traditional village. Enjoy the luxury service and facilities from dining experience, private spa treatments up to special“Breakfast with orang utan or Elephants ride” at the Bali Zoo. At Sanctoo you can experience the Balinese inspiration, while enjoying personalized treatments and all facilities and service at high-end level to support your lifestyle.